ExOne to Expand its Reach into S. America & China
Kyle Maxey posted on August 02, 2013 |
Heavy and advanced industries in S. America and Asia look to benefit from AM machines.
ExOne, 3D printer, brazil, china, businessThis week ExOne expanded its global reach announcing it had opened its 6th Production Service Center (PSC) in Auburn, Washington and two sales centers in South America and China.

The company’s new 11,600 sq. ft. PSC, located west of Tacoma, will cater to industries in the U.S. Northwest interested in create molds and cores. David Burns, ExOne’s President and COO, highlighted the value of the new center. “As the hub of industrial activity in the northwestern U.S., particularly the aerospace industry, the greater Tacoma area is a natural location for our sixth PSC”.

In addition to the announcement of its new PSC, the North Huntington based company stated that it’s looking to take advantage of opportunities in the emerging economies of both Brazil and China, opening new sales centers in Sao Paolo and Shanghai.

To help support their new efforts, ExOne will call upon the Association for Manufacturing Technology, a group that provides global support for US manufacturers looking to expand their reach around the globe.

According to Mr. Burns, "Our sales centers in Sao Paulo and Shanghai represent an important step in our progression to promote our 3D printing technology in those significant industrial markets". Burns continued, "We view establishment of these sales centers as precursors to the eventual opening of PSCs in those countries, as growing demand warrants."

Aside from being good for business, the establishment of these new centers could be lead to development and expansion of new industries and tech hubs within these two emerging economies. I, for one, am excited about possibly of accelerating the pace of technological progress by broadening its development base. I think that’s exactly what advanced technologies like 3D printing can provide for the planet.

Image Courtesy of ExOne

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