Study: Only 6% of Britons Want a 3D Printer
Kyle Maxey posted on July 26, 2013 |
New study shows that few know much about the technology
A new study released by Ipsos MORI shows that 71% of Britons surveyed know “very little or nothing” about 3D printers. Even more startling is the survey’s finding that only 6% of respondents said they have interest in owning a 3D printer.

Among the 994 participants, 35% said that 3D printing is a positive development while almost as many (32%) were concerned that 3D printers would allow people to make weapons at home. The study also revealed that an overwhelming majority of interviewees, 66%, say that they’d rather have professionals do their design work.

The demographic that was most interested in 3D printing was the younger set, with 9% responding that they’re interested in the technology. In comparison, among those 65 years or older, only 1% were keen to bring a 3D printer home.

According to Ben Page, CEO at Ipsos MORI, ‘Britain is divided into two tribes – those concerned that new technologies like the internet are destroying memory and knowledge, and unhappy with their pace of life, and those who embrace it as a powerful enabler of knowledge and who are comfortable with their busy lives.’

As time passes the tribe that believes technology is “destroying memory and knowledge” will no doubt erode, but for a country that’s trying to jumpstart a homegrown 3D printing industry this study has to be a troubling revelation.

In total the Ipsos MORI

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