3D Printing Will Be Adopted by K-12 in 5 Years
Kyle Maxey posted on July 19, 2013 |
New report concludes 3D printing will be rapidly adopted in K-12 education.

education, 3d printing, study, report, school, K-12, In a newly released report, the New Media Consortium (NMC) has identified six emerging technologies that could dramatically impact K-12 education. Among the new technologies are: cloud computing, mobile learning, open content, virtual/remote laboratories and, of course, 3D printing.

While the report projects that 3D printing will be among the last technologies to be widely adopted by educators, it does lavish the new technology with praise. “One of the most significant aspects of 3D printing for teaching and learning is that it enables more authentic exploration of objects that may not be readily available to schools.”

The NMC report goes on to describe the numerous ways 3D printing could be used to improve education. “In science and history classes, for example, students can make and interact with models of fragile objects such as fossils and artifacts. Through rapid prototyping and production tools, chemistry students can print out models of complex proteins and other molecules, similar to what can be seen in 3D Molecular Design's Model Gallery.”

Although 3D printing is an incredible way to print demonstration models that can help bring a classroom to life, the true benefit of the technology can only be realized when students themselves get to interact with the machines. “While it has become easier for teachers and students to work with these models, some of the most compelling applications of 3D printing in K-12 come from schools and programs that involve students creating something that is all their own.”

As colleges and universities across the globe begin to add 3D printers to their science labs and art departments, students exposed to the technology will be better prepared to make the most of their education.

Watch a Video Detailing the Findings:

Images and Video Courtesy of NMC

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