Deloitte and 3D Systems Launch 3D Printing “Solution Labs”
Kyle Maxey posted on July 12, 2013 |
Industry giants team up to spur technology adoption. 
In a newly announce alliance, 3D Systems and Deloitte, a manufacturing and supply chain consultant, have joined forces to assist companies in the adoption of 3D printing.

The partnership will see both companies working together to create a series of solution “labs” where potential clients will be exposed to state-of-the-art 3D printing technologies. But rather than being a dressed-up show room for 3D Systems’ printers, the labs will be an education center that can show clients how 3D printing can work in their product design process.

According to Avi Reichental, president and CEO of 3D Systems, "In a fiercely competitive environment that is fueled by exponential technologies, companies require an integrated set of advanced design to manufacturing solutions to extend their competitive advantage and business model relevance."

With the adoption of 3D printing, companies can gain a competitive advantage by being able to prototype and iterate designs rapidly. As a result, companies can experiment with more designs, possibly creating breakthrough innovations.

But seeing is believing, and in our view that’s the key to this partnership.  We’ve seen how rapid prototyping labs at colleges and universities have been used by industry to prototype designs.  And there are maker spaces popping up in major centers around North America where people can try 3D Printing. 

Extending that experience to serious corporate design teams makes a world of sense; there is no substitute to a hands-on trial.  Demonstrations at trade-shows just don’t match the value of getting your part produced by your own design team. 

If the Deloitte/3D Systems labs will offer higher end equipment for more sophisticated applications, then this could be a useful step forward for a lot of Deloitte clients. 

This view is seconded by Marcus Shingles, principle at Deloitte Innovation Group, "The exponential rate of change around 3D printing innovation is providing an opportunity for companies and industries to capture benefit as early adopters".

Image Courtesy of 3D Systems

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