Printing Multiple Parts at Once
Kyle Maxey posted on July 09, 2013 | 7663 views

Just last month HYREL 3D announced that they‘d produced a 3D printer capable of using clay as its primary material.

Now on the heels of that announcement the Georgia based 3D printer manufacturer has debuted a printer that can produce multiple models at the same time.

Key to their printer’s new capabilities is its multiple print heads. While the HYREL isn’t the first printer to come equipped with dual print heads, it is the first that I’ve seen that can print with both heads simultaneously.

In traditional dual head 3D printers one head usually prints “build material” while the other prints “support material”.

In HYREL’s printer configuration each head can print its own model, increasing the printer’s productivity. According to HYREL, their printer’s configuration can be built to accommodate 4 print heads thereby producing four copies of the same object simultaneously.

In the future I imagine more 3D printer manufacturers will want to leverage this kind of 3D printing configuration.  Why they haven’t is still a surprise to me.  

Printer’s capable of building multiple models simultaneously could be configured to print higher or lower volume of parts or prototypes depending on the needs at the time.

Watch the HYREL 3D in Action:

Image and Video Courtesy of HYREL 3D

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