X-Box One Prototyped with 3D Printer
Kyle Maxey posted on May 23, 2013 |

x-box, microsoft, prototype, video game, industry, futureAt its Redmond, Washington, headquarters, Microsoft unveiled its next generation video game console the X-Box One. The console, which will feature 15 exclusive titles, Skype video calling, and a voice and gesture command feature,  came with one other surprise; it was prototyped using 3D printers.

Admittedly, Microsoft isn’t a new comer to the world of 3D printing. For the last 3 years, the hi-tech giant has used 3D printing to prototype their Surface tablets and X-Box controllers.  To keep up with all of this prototyping, Microsoft has three 3D printers dedicated to its hardware design center.

At the X-Box One launch event, Microsoft detailed how their prototyping cycle works. According to the Next/Market blog, “The company can turn around up to two design cycle iterations in a single day. If someone had a design for, say, a new console controller at 8 AM, the 3D printing center could have a design prototype back by noon. If they got feedback within an hour, they could print a new design by 5 PM.”

While large mainstream companies have integrated 3D printing technology into their product design cycle  I expect that in coming years we’ll begin to see companies really explore the boundaries of the technology.  Rather than prototyping boxes that we’re all pretty familiar with, I imagine companies will begin using 3D printing to explore new designs, advancing our conception of what devices look like, and how they function in our homes.  

Watch a Video of the X-Box One Launch:

Images & Video Courtesy of Microsoft

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