Autodesk to Acquire Tinkercad
Kyle Maxey posted on May 20, 2013 |

In an announcement made over the weekend, Autodesk revealed that it will acquire the browser-based design application Tinkercad.

The deal, which is scheduled to be completed within the next 30 days, will see Tinkercad’s software added to Autdesk’s 123D design suite. The 123D design suite represents Autodesk’s attempt at giving anyone with an idea easy to use tools to create 3D models.

According to Kai Backman, the founder of Tinkercad, "The [Tinkercad] shutdown plan has been rolled back and effective immediately new users are again able to sign up for the site. Even better, at the request of Autodesk, we have supercharged the free plan. You can now create unlimited designs, all import and export functionality is enabled and ShapeScripts are turned on for free accounts. We have automatically upgraded all existing free accounts to this new powerful plan. This account will be offered for a limited time only so make sure you sign up as soon as possible."

With the Autodesk’s entry into the world of browser-based design tools, those who have a casual interest in 3D printing, or who just want to give the technology a spin, now have a much easier way of making that dream a reality.

Image courtesy of Autodesk

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