A Boy and His 3D Printer
Kyle Maxey posted on May 20, 2013 |

andrew, makerbot, inventor, 3d printingA new short documentary by Nathan Fitch tells the story of Andrew Man-Hudspith, an 11 year old with an incredibly inventive mind.  

For the past few years, Andrew has been consumed by a desire to invent new things. Using everything from cardboard to Lego Mindstorm kits, Andrew has explored his imagination, but one machine in particular piqued his interest, the 3D printer.

To convince his parents that the family needed a 3D printer, Andrew took it upon himself to make a PowerPoint presentation stating his case. “I wanted one as much as my son wanted one, ultimately he convinced us,” said Dick Hudspith, Andrew’s father.

But in the end it may have been the Andrew’s tenacity that won him the day. “The point where he’s actually designing a PowerPoint presentation to show us, is the point where you realize just how much he wants one,” continued Andrew’s father.

Given Andrew’s ingenuity and drive, not to mention the incredible support of his parents, I bet this won’t be the last time we hear about Andrew Man-Hudspith.

Watch a video about Andrew and his printer:

On The Media- 3D Printing from nathan fitch on Vimeo.

Image Courtesy of WNYC/ON THE MEDIA

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