RoboKeg is a 3D-Printed Bar Keep
Kyle Maxey posted on May 10, 2013 |
RoboKeg is a 3D-Printed Bar Keep

robot, beer, keg, NYC, barA team of four engineers may have just solved one of the world’s most grave problems: the long lines people have to wait in to get a beer at a concert, sports venue or club.

Created by Chis Jeane, David Kay, Ed Paulosky and Peter Verrillo, the RoboKeg is an NFC (near field communication) activated beer dispenser, and the way the machine works could be a sign of how bars and venues automate beverage service in the future.

The RoboKeg is activated with a wristband that contains an NFC chip loaded with a customer’s information. Whenever a customer wants another drink, they simply walk up to the machine, and stick their glass under the tap. RoboKeg dispenses “a perfect pour” without any assistance from a bar tender. 

While having an automated bar tender is pretty cool, the RoboKeg isn't just a one-trick pony. It also has the ability to suggest beers based on the local temperature, keep track of what you've been drinking and send you a bill via SMS on your cellphone.

So where does 3D printing enter this story?

Well, the machine’s designers have used 3D printing to help prototype the gears that pull the tap on the RoboKeg demonstrator.

RoboKeg’s creators are in talks with select New York City bars to have their machines included as a serving option.

Finally, 3D printing has been used to create something useful!

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