GE's Making 3D Printed Jets
Kyle Maxey posted on May 09, 2013 |

ge, engine, jet, ceramic, mass productionThe prestigious MIT Technology Review has named General Electric's work on 3D printing as one of its "10 Breakthrough Technologies 2013".

Specifically, GE is developing a metal nozzle for its LEAP jet engine. They will use 3D metal printers to produce the nozzles, which will be lighter in weight due to an advanced design producible only on 3D printers.

Wait, we've heard this story many times before. A company improves their business process by involving 3D printing. What's the big deal?

The big deal here is the volume. GE is MASS PRODUCING these nozzles with 3D printing.

Read More about GE's CEO opinion of 3D printing. 

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