3D Systems’ New ProJet x60 3D Printer
Kyle Maxey posted on April 24, 2013 | 9176 views

3D Systems has announced the launch of its new full color ProJet x60 series of 3D printers.

According to 3D Systems “Based on ColorJet modeling technology, the ProJet x60 series 3D printers can build full color, realistic models in virtually any color combination which truly resemble the final part.” 3D Systems believes this advance will “improve communication both internally with colleagues, and externally with clients to convey the finished looks of the part, finite element analysis results, manufacturing steps or separate steps of an assembly.”

3D Systems is also proud to announce that it’s  x60 series has the “fastest vertical build speed in it’s class”, and that models being print on the machines can be stacked and nested to take advantage of the printer’s entire build chamber.

The six printers features in the x60 series are:

ProJet® 160 Personal 3D Printer 

ProJet® 260C Personal 3D Printer 

ProJet® 360 Professional 3D Printer 

ProJet® 460Plus Professional 3D Printer

ProJet® 660Pro Professional 3D Printer

ProJet® 860 Professional 3D Printer

Watch a Video About the ProJet x60 Series:

Images and Video Courtesy of 3D Systems

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