Taulman 645 is a New, High Strength Material
Kyle Maxey posted on April 09, 2013 | 6320 views

taulman, material, optic, 645, transparentTaulman, makers of thermoplastic 3D printing filament, has announced its newest material, Taulman 645. According to the company, the new material has a very high tensile strength (16,533 psi) and, as is demonstrated in the video below, it also has excellent bridging performance.

An added feature of Taulman 645 is the fact that is designed to have a “superior surface texture” that’s clear and optically correct, although the materials specification sheet does mention that it lacks a UV inhibitor additive, which could lead to discoloration after long-term exposure to UV rays.

taulman, material, optic, 645, transparent

Taulman 645 has also been designed to meet the EU’s REACH environmental requirements, and it contains no toxic chemicals, so any parts made from the material can be safely exported abroad.

Watch a video of 645 being printed:

Images and Video Courtesy of Taulman

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