AirWolf AW3D XL 3D Printer
Kyle Maxey posted on April 08, 2013 |

airwolf, california, printer, build volume, crazing, heated tray, micronLow-cost 3D printers are all the rage these days. The past year has seen the number of start-ups dedicated to the development of 3D printers expand significantly. Not only have these new start ups driven down the cost of 3D printers, but they’ve also improved the quality of prints that can be expected from an entry level machine.

While AirWolf 3D Inc. does have a short history of producing 3D printers, their newest printer, the AW3D XL printer, looks to attract adopters by providing a generous 670 cubic inch build volume.

For $2,295 the AW3D XL offers an 80-micron minimum layer resolution with 150 mm/sec print speed. One feature that I found particularly appealing about the AW3D XL is its temperature-controlled, heated bed, which would likely prevent your plastic prints from crazing due to quick temperature changes.

Learn more about the AW3D XL here

Image Courtesy of AirWolf

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