J-Rev 3D Printer Has Telescoping Z-Axis
Kyle Maxey posted on April 04, 2013 | 12048 views

j-rev, telescoping, z-axis, 20 micron, hi-res, kickstarter, Have you ever needed a 3D Printer that could double as your carry-on bag?

Created by Benjamin Daniel, the J-Rev 3D Printer is just that. Made to be accurate and inexpensive, the J-Rev printer can print with a resolution as low as 20 microns and costs a mere $2,000. Although these J-Rev features are very interesting, I was intrigued by the way the machine works along its Z-axis.

Rather than having a fixed upper limit, the J-Rev uses four telescoping arms at the printer’s four corners to “raise the roof” (sorry) of the 3D printer as a model is being built. This design gives the J-Rev seemingly limitless potential in the Z-Axis as larger telescoping arms could replace the arms current installed. Another added benefit of using telescoping arms is that it makes the J-Rev compact. In fact the, entire device, when not in use, is about the size of a briefcase.

The only concern that I have with the J-Rev’s design is ensuring that the telescoping arms always stay vertically aligned? I’m not sure I trust the current plastic arms, but I bet that metal arms would guarantee more accurate vertical alignment, and that’s important since the J-Rev’s print head is connected to its lid.

If you’re interested in the J-Rev, head over to Benjamin Daniel’s Kickstarter.

Watch a Video about the J-Rev:

Images and Video Courtesy of Benjamin Daniel

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