3D Printed Facial Prosthetic
Kyle Maxey posted on April 02, 2013 | 7336 views

face, prosthetic, UK, doctor, surgery, medicineEric Moger has a new face. Four years ago, Mr. Moger found out that beneath the skin and bone of his skull lay an aggressive tumor. After extensive surgery, Morger’s tumor was removed, but so was the left side of his face.

After a number of failed attempts at reconstructive surgery, Mr. Moger consulted Dr. Christian Jessen and found out that a 3D-printed prosthetic might be the solution to his problem.

This initial consultation led Mr. Moger to dental surgeon Andrew Dawood who took a CT scan of his skull and used the resulting image as a starting point for the prosthetic. By creating a mirror image of the side or Mr. Moger’s skull, Dr. Dawood was able to create a silicon-covered nylon prosthetic to fill in the area removed during surgery.

Now that Mr. Moger has his new prosthetic, he’s been able to resume some of the activities that he’d had to abandon over the last four years.  But even better than regaining the ability to eat solid food is the fact that Mr. Moger’s wedding plans are back on track. "Now I have a new face for the wedding. I can restart my life after having it on hold for four and a half years,” said Mr. Moger.

Image Courtesy of The Telegraph

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