Custom-Made Robotic Parts
Kyle Maxey posted on March 29, 2013 |

robot, parts, mechanical, engineering, plexiglass, print service,If you’re interested in making robots, chances are you’ve heard of RobotShop, the one-stop shop for personal and professional robot technology. Until recently, RobotShop only sold pre-fab parts, but now the company has opened its own 3D printing service, which allows users to build and manufacture their own custom parts.

Anyone who makes robots knows that from time to time you have to make your own custom parts. If you don’t have access to a CAD system, a CNC Mill or a 3D printer, your project can grind to a halt. But now that RobotShop is offering their own 3D printing service, robot makers have a trusted partner that can print their one-off parts.

"Most of the time when you build a robot, you need custom mechanical parts. The process of building a robot using plexiglass, wood and hot glue is over," said Mario Tremblay, founder and CEO of RobotShop. "Ever since we first played with a 3D printers in-house, we have seen firsthand the benefits of being able to print custom objects quickly with no delay. We want to offer this to our customers who do not have their own 3D printer yet. Customers can add their 3D printed design to their order and everything will be shipped together."

RobotShop is just another example of companies realizing that 3D printing can be a valuable extension of their operations, and just like a recently released report concluded, early adopters of the technology will have a big advantage over those who don’t.

Image Courtesy of Schipul

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