For 3D Printing “Early Adopters Have Big Advantage”
Kyle Maxey posted on March 27, 2013 |

future, industry, adoption, early, custom, profit, growthIn a recently released report by technology research company Gartner, experts have concluded that companies who adopt 3D printing early will see major advantages over those who don’t.

According to Pete Basiliere, research director at Gartner, “Businesses must continuously monitor advances to identify where improvements can be leveraged.”

Aside from the socially beneficial aspects of the technology, 3D printing can also help companies redefine their product lines through the implementation of product customization and on-demand manufacturing.

While Gartner predicts that “enterprise class” 3D printers will be available for around $2,000 by 2016, waiting that long could cost a company in the long run. The earlier a company adopts 3D printing the better they’ll be able to integrate the technology into their product design cycle.

With Gartner predicting that 3D printing technology will further expand its role in architectural, engineering, medical and other fields, adopting 3D printing now could be key in your company’s future success.  

Image Courtesy of Gartner

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