Make Your Move Videos Series: Bre Pettis
Kyle Maxey posted on March 26, 2013 |
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In the new “Make Your Move” video series, sponsored by Cartier and Forbes, entrepreneurs from around the globe are asked to share their insights into the world of business.

One of the many people interviewed for the series was Makerbot’s own Bre Pettis.  Over the course of three short video interviews, Bre talks about a number of topics including the genesis of the Makerbot project, his time as an art teacher, and the challenges of starting the Makerbot company from scratch .

For people interested in at-home, DIY, 3D printing, video series like these are an excellent way to find your own way through the woolly world of innovation. I imagine that many people interested in 3D printing are also interested in creating their own business. It just seems like a natural extension of what a 3D printer does – bringing ideas to life.

So give these video a watch. Maybe they’ll help you when you’re starting your own company.

Images and Video Courtesy of Makerbot and Cartier

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