Singapore to Invest Heavily in 3D Printing
Kyle Maxey posted on March 26, 2013 |

singapore, asia, industry, investment, governmentThe government of Singapore has stated that, over the course of the next five years, it will invest $500 million into the country's advanced manufacturing technologies to maintain its competitiveness with its Southeast Asian neighbors.

Part of this multi-million dollar investment will be funneled to the development of training programs to help engineers and workers define and use next generation manufacturing technologies. Also included in this investment is a promise to begin "exploring the potential of building a new 3D printing industry ecosystem".

One of the main contributing factors in the government’s decision to invest in 3D printing technology is its motivation to be a high-tech hub in the Asia-Pacific region. “Restructuring our economy is also about looking ahead for new growth opportunities… We have to keep developing new capabilities so that we stay relevant in the world and create higher-value industries and high-quality jobs for Singaporeans." Singapore’s finance minister Tharman Shanmugartnam.

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