3D Printed Modular Lamp
Kyle Maxey posted on March 19, 2013 |
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 If there’s a place that 3D printing has taken hold, it’s surly in the fields of architecture/design. This week at the 8th Biennale Internationale Design in Saint-Etienne, France, the French design studio NoDesign debuted their 3D-printed interactive modular lamp “Waelice”.

The Waelice is a wall mounted interactive lamp that lets its owner control the brightness and color of each lamp “node” with a smartphone or tablet. Each node in the Waelice structure has its own IP address, which allows it to be controlled independent from its surrounding nodes.

One of the designers of the Waelice lamp, Uros Petrevsky, noted that 3D printing the project was central to the design because 3D printing made it much easier to integrate LEDs and sensors into the design.

Watch a Video of the Waelice in Action:

Waelice : interactive modular lamp from NoDesign on Vimeo.

Images and Video Courtesy of NoDesign

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