DEFCAD is a 3D Model Search Engine
Kyle Maxey posted on March 12, 2013 |
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The Austin-based Defense Distributed project stopped into SxSW yesterday and made a major announcement: They’re creating a 3D model search engine.

In an article over at Forbes, Defense Distributed founder, Cody Wilson describe their new search engine as a for profit extension of the WikiWeapons project. “Basically the idea is object-based search, but I think we can claim a real commitment to openness…When we say you should have access to these files, people believe we mean that.”

Wilson asks, ““Can 3D printing be subversive?” and then answers, “If it can, it will be because it allows us to make the important things. Not trinkets, not lawn gnomes, but the things that institutions and industries have an interest in keeping from us. Things like access, medical devices, drugs, goods, guns.”

Currently Defense Distributed banks around $2,000 a month which covers operating cost. Wilson is looking to this new search engine model to help fund the WikiWeapons project and also line his pockets. "A guy's got to eat," explains Wilson. "I want to be its own organization and a really serious player in search going forward. I think we can do it in a for-profit way and an authentic way."

Watch A Video About DEFCAD Search:

Image Courtesy of Defense Distributed

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