Lebron’s Nike’s Prototyped Using 3D Printer
Kyle Maxey posted on March 04, 2013 |

nike, lebron, james, NBA, shoe, fashion, basketballBasketball players have a huge impact on the design of sneakers, and in turn on fashion itself. Shortly after winning his second Olympic gold medal, Lebron James and Nike debuted their newest collaboration, the Lebron X.

But before the shoes saw life on the court, they had another life… The life of a 3D printed prototype.

In collaboration with Z-Corp, designers at NIKE used one of their printers to give Lebron, and the design team, a better idea of how the shoe was going to look.

nike, lebron, james, NBA, shoe, fashion, basketball
As you can see, the design for the Lebron X has come a long way fromthe original model printed by Z-Corp.  In fact looking around the internet you can find numerous versions of the shoe. From Iron Man themed ‘Bron X’s' to 'Big Bang'-themed pairs. Apparently, the iterations of the Lebron X design are infinite.

Images Courtesy of NIKE 

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