The 3D Printing Reality Distortion Field
TCT Magazine posted on March 01, 2013 |

distortion, information, tct, printing, reporting, journalismOur industry is currently engulfed by a reality distortion field. This field will bring about many unrealistic expectations, much unfounded optimism and is causing people to misunderstand the industry, its future and its capabilities.

The field came about because the industry has undergone name changes since its inception. Confusion between free form fabrication, rapid prototyping, rapid manufacturing and additive manufacturing meant that many people did not know much about the industry. Journalists also could not search and find previous articles and sometimes missed companies and entire segments of the industry because they used a different term. Additionally some machine vendors use terms like SLM, DMLS, LaserCUSING and many others to define themselves and promote their technologies. This also breeds confusion.

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