Modern Meadows CEO Explains 3D Printed Meat
Kyle Maxey posted on February 28, 2013 |

meat, biology, bio print, Modern Meadows CEO, Andras Forgacs, tooks to Reddit recently to answer questions that people might have about his company’s technology.

If you hadn’t heard, Modern Meadows is developing technology to bioprint meat and leather goods. Funded by PayPal cofounder Peter Theil’s Breakout Lab, Modern Meadows has successfully printed a 2 cm  x 1 cm x 1 mm artificial muscle.  Although the price point for bioprinted meat is still outrageously high, $326,700 for their first sample, Forgas believes his company is creating the future of humanely sourced meat.

Among the most interesting questions posed by Redditors was this one from ‘iamaredditer:’

“Does [your product] taste the same as regular meat?”

According to Forgacs, “I've tasted it as have my colleagues. We've only been able to have small bites since we're still working on getting the process right.

I cooked some pieces in olive oil and ate some with and without salt and pepper. Not bad. The taste is good but not yet fully like meat. We have yet to get the fat content right and other elements that influence taste. This process will be iterative and involve us working closely with our consulting chefs.”

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Watch a Video of Gabor Forgacs (cofounder of Modern Meadows)  Eat some “In-Vitro Meat” at TEDMed Below:

Image Courtesy of Modern Meadows

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