Smoothing Rough 3D Prints with Acetone Vapor
Kyle Maxey posted on February 27, 2013 |
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One of the most common complaints about 3D prints made on RepRep machines is that the surface resolution of the print is too rough to be considered a finished product.

Over the years RepRappers have been testing different ways to create smoother surfaces on ABS prints through secondary processes. One popular method for smoothing surfaces has been exposing a print to liquid acetone. In a video posted to Youtube, Neil Underwood seems to have found the perfect method for creating smoothed ABS prints.

Using a glass jar, aluminum foil, a wire hanger, a few millimeters of acetone and his RepRap’s heated build plate, Underwood vaporized the acetone and lets it work its magic on the 3D Print.

Watch the Process in the Video Below:

If you’re worried about acetone vapor being a fire hazard, Austin Wilson and Neil Underwood have also put together a video to dispel your concerns.  But as always, wear protective gear and stay safe!

Image and Videos Courtesy of the RepRap Blog

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