Photonic Professional GT for Nano-scale 3D Printing
Todd Grimm posted on February 28, 2013 |
Nanoscribe GmbH has introduced the Photonic Professional GT, the world’s fastest commercially avail...

Nanoscribe GmbH has introduced the Photonic Professional GT,  the world’s fastest commercially

available 3D printer for micro- and nanostructures. Nanoscribe’s next-generation 3D printer enables very fast, high-resolution manufacturing of micro-objects, which are often smaller than the diameter of a human hair.

The printing speed has increased a hundredfold by employing a novel laser lithography method. This has been achieved by implementing a galvo mirror system similar to those used in laser show devices or scanning units of CD and DVD drives. Reflecting a laser beam off the rotating galvo mirrors facilitates rapid and precise lateral laser focus positioning.

The GT version of the Photonic Professional will be equipped with a new modular controller, which facilitates the introduction of optional hardware extensions in the future. Various new features have also been integrated into the software. The electronics cabinet has been redesigned for a more elegant and modern appearance.

The Photonics Professional line of 3D printing systems is based on two-photon polymerization. Ultra-short laser pulses polymerize photosensitive materials in the laser focus.

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