Strategic Alliance between Arcam and DiSanto Technology for EBM-Manufactured Medical Implants
Todd Grimm posted on February 27, 2013 |

EBM acetabluar shellsArcam AB has signed a strategic alliance agreement with DiSanto Technology Inc. (DTI), a full-service medical device contract manufacturer. The parties will offer customers, including industry-leading orthopedic and spinal implant companies, comprehensive product application development and manufacturing of EBM-made (electron beam melting) implants and other components.

By offering the combined capabilities of both organizations to each of their existing and new customers, the strategic alliance shall serve to accelerate market adoption and penetration of commercially manufactured, finished EBM implants and components. The strategic partnership will leverage Arcam’s EBM technology with DTI’s expertise in engineering and producing finished components.

“This partnership with DTI is an important strategic step for Arcam. Our EBM technology has been used for manufacturing of implants in Europe since 2007, and in the US since 2010. To date, some 30 000 orthopedic implants manufactured with EBM technology have been implanted worldwide. Through this alliance with DTI, we will now also be able to offer existing and new customers contract manufacturing capabilities and help them commercialize new product applications,” says Magnus René, CEO of Arcam.

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