Maaike Roozenburg Brings History to Your Table
Kyle Maxey posted on February 20, 2013 |

utensils, dutch, kitchen, antique, museum, dinnerWhat would you give to have a piece of pre-industrial, antique china adorn your dinner table? If Maaike Roozenburg has her way, you may not have to part with much.  In a new exhibit at Object Rotterdam, a Dutch design fair, Roozenburg is displaying utensils, cups and plates that she has re-created from the collection of the Museum Boijmans van Beuningen.

Using a 3D scanner, Roozenburg has accurately captured the form of the museum's most delicate pieces. Once scanned, she and a group of students from the Royal Academy of Art in the Hauge used Augmented Reality to embed each object with its own history. The final phase of the project was done in collaboration with Marecon Prototyping where each of the 3D scans were turned into 3D prints.

Why is Roozenburg doing all of this? She explains, ”I have a fascination for utensils and objects that function as tools in our daily life. Many of our basic tools have not changed much over time. A jar, a bowl, a blanket or a spoon still function much as they did 500 years ago. They tell stories about their users and what we as humans still have in common through our daily lives.”

Images Courtesy of Maaike Roozenburg

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