Google Uses 3D Printing for Glass Prototype
Kyle Maxey posted on February 13, 2013 |

google, glass augmented reality, maps, photos, video, siriSince its first public appearance in 2012, Google Glass, the companies augmented reality headset, has creates quite a buzz.  Made of a stamp sized transparent plastic, a thin wire frame and a one sided ear wire, Google glass will allow users to experience Google’s search, maps, and other features in real-time.

Now that the project has reached an advanced prototyping phase Google has started to use 3D printers to custom fit each Glass prototype to the wearer.  It isn’t clear what type of sizing Glass will have when it eventually reaches the market, but with the amount of money Google has, maybe they’ll custom print each order.

According to Google, Glass will begin rolling out to developers for testing in the coming months.

Images and Videos Courtesy of Google & TEDed

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