Richard III’s Face Recreated by 3D Printing
Kyle Maxey posted on February 08, 2013 |

Richard III, archeology, CT scan, england, king, monarchy, monarchAfter a 500-year lull, Richard III’s story has been resurrected. Last December, archaeologists at the University of Leicester recreated the last known resting place of the king. Most recently, and more importantly, Richard’s long lost remains have been found.

Discovered beneath a social services parking lot (it was once a medieval church), the skeleton of this famous monarch was identified through DNA analysis, radiocarbon dating and skeletal examination. Once identified, Richard’s bones were scanned and sent to the University of Dundee’s Caroline Wikinson who oversaw the recreation of the king’s facial features.

The University of Dundee team used 3D modeling software to stitch together and build upon the CT scans of the king’s skull. Once the structure of Richard’s face had been accurately recreated, the team had it 3D printed. To give the model more life, it’s skin was painted and a wig and glass eyes were added.

Here he is in all his glory; the last king of the Plantagenet dynasty:

Richard III, archeology, CT scan, england, king, monarchy, monarch

Watch a Video about the Discovery Below:

Image and Video Courtesy of Richard III Society & the University of Leicester  

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