Using Blender to Model Your 3D Print
Kyle.Maxey posted on February 07, 2013 |

model, blender, structure, meshWhile the allure of 3D printing appeals to nearly everyone, sometimes the thought of having to build your own model can be daunting. If you’re not familiar with using 3D modeling or mechanical CAD software, the goal of turning your idea into a tangible object can seem like an impossibility.

Well, have no fear. Jonathan Williamson of BlenderCookie has just posted a video that can get you past that boundary. In his video, Jonathan shows you how to model the Blender mascot, Suzanne, and walks you through the questions that you should ask when building a model for 3D printing.

Most important among these questions are:

  • What is the real-world size of my model?
  • Will my model be solid or shelled?
  • If it’s shelled, how thick should I make the walls?
  • Is my model structurally sound?

Answering these questions is crucial to creating a successful 3D print and bringing your ideas to life.

Image Courtesy of Blender Cookie

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