CHART: Room for growth in 3D printing
Todd Grimm posted on February 07, 2013 |
Survey shows lower than expected use of 3D printers.

Cahrt - how (and if) 3D printers are used.

According to readers, the 3D printing industry needs to focus less on industrial revolutions and get back to basics. Surprisingly, 66% of those in engineering-related roles said that they do not currently use 3D printers (professional-class).

This is a bit shocking in light of proven benefits, lowering prices and performance improvements.

I can only hope that survey respondents interpreted the question to mean individual, personal use rather than being used across the entire department, division or company.

For those that do use 3D printing, the results were fairly even for desktop (self-serve 3D printers in the office), lab (centralized 3D printers run by dedicated technicians) and service bureaus (outsourced work).

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