DeltaMaker 3D Printer is Quicker, More Elegant
Kyle.Maxey posted on January 28, 2013 |

deltamakerOver the course of the last year we’ve seen a number of new entrants into the consumer 3D printer market, and 2013 looks to follow that trend. Unlike last year’s stars, the newest entrant has a unique build method.

Named after its core technology, the DeltaMaker separates itself from other 3D Printers by mounting its print head on a delta robot. Delta robots were first invented in the 1980s and saw widespread use in rapid-action industrial robots.  Made of three parallel arms connected at a central point, a delta robot can move with precision and quickness because it doesn’t require motors to control movement along its X,Y and Z axes.

Ultimately, the DeltaMaker will be judged on the quality of its prints. In its first incarnation the DeltaMaker equals the print resolution of the MakerBot Replicator II (100 microns) while also being a value at $1,599. According to the DeltaMaker’s team the printer will use ABS and PLA filament and boast a build envelope that’s 9” in diameter and 11” tall.
In my opinion the DeltaMaker looks to be a good design that uses a novel building technique to create a good product. If you’re in agreement you can visit their Kickstarter and help them fund their project.

Watch a Video of the DeltaMaker in action:

Images and Video Courtesy of DeltaMaker

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