ZERO to MAKER: A Re-Skilling Guide for New Makers
Kyle.Maxey posted on January 17, 2013 |
San Francisco, Maker, David Lang
David Lang has a great story. After losing his job in 2011, he found himself questioning what he was doing, and most importantly, whether or not he had any tangible skills.

As David puts it, “All of a sudden, it seemed that my education and work experience had prepared me for a future that wasn’t coming. The "knowledge" that I thought was my ticket in life was now the source of my insecurity, the reason I felt distanced from work that is meaningful, tangible, and measurable. Instead of scrambling back into the rat race and praying for a new job that wouldn’t vanish, I decided to focus on building the fundamental skills I had somehow managed to skip over; the skills that would enable me to create, develop or repair something useful or essential.”

David dove head first into the maker scene, learning to use CNC machines, CAD software and, of course, 3D printers. Over the course of a few months, David went from not knowing how to use a soldering iron to having his own Underwater Robot business.

David’s newest project is to make sure that a wider audience knows his story and realizes that if you’ve got a great idea, or you just want to make something, there’s really no barrier to doing so. Through a series of interviews with notable makers, David wants to write a book about re-skilling oneself and joining the Maker Movement that’s exploding all over the world.

Check out David’s Project on Kickstarter

By the way David, you’re awesome!


Images and Video Courtesy of David Lang and OpenROV

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