3D Printed Gun Developers take more Aggressive Stance
kyle maxey posted on January 16, 2013 |

Defense Distributed, designers attempting to make the world's first 3D printed gun, have released a new video. Unlike their previous video updates, the "clip" has a much more combative tone. In the video below, Defense Distributed shows the new improvements that they’ve made to their 3D printed AR15 magazine.

While I’m still impressed with the ingenuity that the WikiWeapons project has at its core, I’m beginning to become more concerned that the group’s initial stance is that of complete and utter intolerance to those who think assault weapons should meet a higher threshold for ownership.

In the last month, the US has seen one mass-killing at Sandyhook Elementary School in Connecticut and another shooting at a California mall. While I do believe that 2nd Amendment rights should be protected, I feel there is a need for greater restrictions on the purchase of assault weapons. It might be that Defense Distributed is still trying to position themselves as an experiment concerning freedom of expression, however, I believe the tone of their newest video has deeply eroded that notion.

There is still room for Defense Distributed to make a meaningful impact on the “Gun Debate” happening in the US, particularly when it comes to how weapons might be procured in the future. However, I’m doubtful the group wants to have that discussion. 

Image and video courtesy of Defense Distributed

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