Augmented 3D Printing
kyle maxey posted on January 07, 2013 | 4898 views

Ipad, Augmented Reality, ArchitectureWhile schematics and digital renderings of a building have always been valuable in portraying an architect’s vision, a physical model trumps all other methods of representation. That is where 3D printing comes in.

However, one of the shortcomings of physical models is that once they’re taken out of the digital realm, the model becomes static. By that I mean once a model is in the real world, digital simulations can’t be run on the it. But a new technology developed by Inition and Pritzker prize winning architect Zaha Hadid is giving 3D-printed models a sense of dynamism outside of the digital realm.

By using “augmented reality,” architects wishing to present a client with a physical model can still have the capability of using powerful digital simulations and imagery. ¬≠The process works like this: A 3D printed model of a structure is placed on a marker mat. Once in position, an iPad is pointed at the model, and an architect can call up any type of information or simulation to overlay onto the 3D print. Maps, thermal flows, landscapes and people interacting with the structure are just a few options for digitally augmenting the model. As a matter of fact, Inition’s technology will even allow architects to overlay multiple simulations and graphics over a model simultaneously.

To learn more about Initions “Augmented 3d-Printing” watch the videos below.

Images and Video Courtesy of Inition

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