Machineworks and Polygonica Toolkits at EuroMold 2012
TCT Magazine posted on November 16, 2012 |

MachineWorks technology will be showing the latest full-machine simulation and solid healing technology at Euromold 2012 in Frankfurt, Germany, 27th–30th November on Hall 8, Stand B20.

MachineWorks latest interactive simulation demos will be showing visitors how they could benefit from the seamless combination of the MachineWorks family of engines and how different engines would suit different machine simulation requirements.

Users may not want to simulate large or complex toolpaths with millions of cuts - they may just require a quick result to verify the job and only animate the problematic areas. Fast simulation may prove too fast for the human eye to detect errors. Accuracy may be vital for precision parts and tolerances need to be tight. Other jobs may require maximum speed. MachineWorks version 7.2 allows that kind of flexibility; some customers have reported a 30-40% increase on performance after an easy upgrade.

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