UK to Invest an Additional £7 million in A.M.
Kyle.Maxey posted on October 24, 2012 |

On the heels of a story we reported last week, the Technology Strategy Board, an advisory group to the UK’s Department of Business, Innovation and Skills, has announced it will invest £7 million to help spur innovation in additive manufacturing.

MP David Willet’s had this to say about the program, “3D printing technologies offer huge potential for UK businesses to compete successfully by embracing radically different manufacturing techniques that could be applied across a wide variety of global market sectors, from aerospace to jewellery.”

“We believe this new investment will help UK companies make the step change necessary to reach new markets and gain competitive advantage.  Building on £20 million of previous Technology Strategy Board support for additive manufacturing innovation, it will help secure more of this game-changing high value activity for the UK, driving economic growth and enhancing quality of life.”

While the UK still lags behind the U.S. and Germany in the development of its 3D printing industry, making dramatic investments in the technology is a positive step forward in carving out their place in this growing market.

The “Inspiring New Design Freedoms in Additive Manufacturing” competition will serve as the platform from which the funds will be dispersed, and its stated goals are to focus “mainly on innovations to help businesses bring components and consumer items made by additive manufacturing more quickly to market.  It aims to help innovative UK companies take the next steps to accelerating the adoption of additive manufacturing technologies, overcome remaining technical barriers and explore new business models.”

The competition kicks off on December 3, 2012 and further details about the competition will be available by the end of the month. 

To Learn More and read the Entire Press Release Visit the Technology Strategy Board


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