Seeking a Framework for the UK’s 3D Printing Future
Kyle.Maxey posted on October 17, 2012 |

Big Innovation Center researcher Andrew Sissons sees the immense potential of 3D printing. He also sees that there are barriers that could hinder the transformation of 3D printing from Technology to Industry.  

In a paper released yesterday, Sissons calls upon the government to “begin developing a policy plan for 3D printing before it is overtaken by events.”

Broken down into six key issues, Sissons states that building a framework that better defines the roles of IP, regulation, legal responsibility, standards, materials and infrastructure are paramount to development of a robust 3D printing industry.

Sisssons’ paper argues some very salient points, and his plea underscores a few elements that anyone interested in integrating 3D printing into their business should consider:

  • What are the implications of 3D printing relative to IP?
  • Will there be legal authority to help secure IP?
  • Will advancements in the technology allow for greater print speed? Accuracy?
  • Will more sophisticated materials be available in the future?

People often wonder what the future will hold for 3D printing. They ponder when 3D printing will become a general-purpose technology with machines humming away on tables in every household world-wide.  Often times these thoughts imagine a breakthrough machine that will transform the landscape. I think that the crux of this transformation will hinge on ideas like Sissons’ that get down to the nuts and bolts of “how we make this industry real.” I know it's drab, but I think it’s true.

If you’re at all interested in this field, I highly recommend reading this paper.

Read Sissons’ paper at Big Innovation.

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