Rocket Moonlighting Used DMLS to Build Homemade Rockets
Kyle.Maxey posted on October 08, 2012 |

Anyone even a little bit interested in rocketry, space travel or just cool engineering should head over to Rocket Moonlighting for a peek into one of the most interesting DIY projects I’ve seen in a while… building homemade rockets!

Browsing through the numerous blog posts that “Rocket Dude,” the owner of the blog (and chief scientist at the project), has posted you see an enthusiasm and inventiveness in his work that’s refreshing.

In a recent post, “Rocket Dude” discusses the benefits of using Direct Laser Metal Sintering (DLMS) to create the geometries for his rocket chambers and even goes on to price out the manufacturing costs for each engine.

“In conventional machining techniques, labor and other costs also play heavily. However, in additive techniques like DMLS, the cost to make a part is largely driven by the cost of the DMLS machine:  as a result, the cost of a part is generally proportional to the volume of metal in the part.” 

Another aspect of this blog that I found interesting was the fact that you can follow step-by-step how “Rocket Dude” is creating his engines.  Following along as he decides how to best manufacture these machines is an excellent resource for any engineer looking to learn more about their profession.

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