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The Need for Intelligent Personalized Comfort Control

By Andrew Payne

Modern architects and engineers face the challenge of creating indoor environments that fulfill the dual goals of user satisfaction and energy performance. Creating an appropriate climate is essential to personal comfort, productivity and occupant satisfaction. Yet, the question remains – why do so many buildings consistently fail to meet these two needs?  

Stewart Brand has a great quote in his book, How Buildings Learn:

“Almost no buildings adapt well. They’re designed not to adapt; also budgeted and financed not to, constructed not to, administered not to, maintained not to, regulated and taxed not to, even remodeled not to. But all buildings … adapt anyway, however poorly, because of the usage in and around them are changing constantly.”

One solution to this problem is to create more intelligent personalized devices – ones  which can learn about how you use a space and adapt to your needs. 

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