Printing The World’s Fastest Shoe
kyle maxey posted on August 23, 2012 | 4573 views

If you watched any of the Olympics in the past few weeks, you likely saw people racing down the track at speeds close to 27 mph.  Every Olympics seems to push the limits of human achievement to higher levels, and designer Luc Fusaro wants to help in that effort.

Fusaro’s “Designed To Win” shoe is an “exploration of materials, technologies and processes to design specific equipment that could potentially enhance sprinting performance.”

Based on previous research conducted by Dr. Daniel Toon of Loughborough University, Fusaro’s design seeks to achieve a 3.5% increase in sprinting performance by tailoring the shoe to the individual sprinter.

To create the shoe, a 3D scan of the sprinter’s foot is rendered, and a sole is modeled from the scan.  Once the sole is modeled, a complete, one of a kind, shoe is formed using additive manufacturing techniques.   In the end, a shoe that can weigh as little as 96 grams (making it the lightest shoe ever produced) contains all of the information and engineering required to enhance a sprinter’s performance.

Although the shoe is still in the development phase, it clearly demonstrates that 3D printing has amazing potential in developing products that can have a major impact in the world of sport.

Who knows, maybe we’ll see athletes at the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio shattering world records in Luc Fusaro’s shoe.  

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