Limitless Architecture With 3D Printing?
Josh Chan posted on July 23, 2012 |

Limitless Architecture With 3D Printing"This (printing) process is capable of producing building components with a degree of customization that has not yet been seen,"  Dr. Richard Buswell of Loughborough University said. It shows that a variety of materials are being researched and tested. The university is examining some non-conventional materials for 3D printing, such as cement-based materials like concrete.

Future of Construction Process: 3D Concrete Printing (, "Professor Simon Austin of Loughborough University said, 'We have shown how additive manufacturing can be developed, to create large structures such as panels or walls, with precisely controlled voids within them.' These voids can be used for applications to house piping, cables and alter the design and mechanical properties of the concrete structure."

It may not look like the most aesthetically pleasing structure (at the moment), but hopefully not too long from now the extrusion method and accuracy will improve. The prototypes that have been made by Loughborough University have worked, so it’s good to know that the concept of 3D printing concrete is feasible.

If you have a different perspective on this ‘printable concrete’, please post a comment.

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