3D Systems Helps Fight Pediatric Dental Disease
Josh Chan posted on July 18, 2012 | 3604 views
3D Systems Against Dental Disease

3D Systems has announced that it has teamed up with the National Children’s Oral Health Foundation to help battle pediatric dental disease. 3D Systems will help the cause by using 3D printing to educate children about dental disease. I think that this is a great move for 3D Systems because it adds a charity aspect to the company as well as gaining publicity for the company.

3D Systems Joins NCOHF: America’s ToothFairy (Dentistry Today), “We (3D Systems) plan to bring our extensive 3D content-to-print dental solutions and our Cubify capabilities to NCOHF to improve children’s oral health awareness and democratize access to oral health services for at-risk children.”

Pediatric dental disease is a prevalent issue affecting many children. It is much more common than asthma and hay fever according to this article - Tooth decay is America’s #1 Chronic Childhood Disease (National Children’s Oral Health Foundation). This disease affects an overwhelming amount of children and has been linked to malnourishment, infections, heart disease, stroke, and diabetes if left untreated. The dental disease is however treatable and preventable with the proper awareness.

3D Systems is a global company in the additive manufacturing industry that offers 3D printers, materials, and online printing services directed to consumers as well as professionals. With these assets, dental models can be printed to help visualize concepts of good oral care as well as educate children about dental anatomy.

Do you think this was a good move by 3D Systems? Do you think pediatric dental disease rates will lower in the near future?

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