Mcor Announces the Mcor Iris Full Color 3D Printer
Todd Grimm posted on May 23, 2012 |

Mcor Technologies Ltd, the manufacturer of the only paper 3D printer in the world, introduced the Mcor Iris full 3D color printer at SME’s RAPID conference.  Like the Mcor Matrix, the Mcor Iris uses standard letter-sized paper in a lamination process.

The Mcor Iris adds full color to 3D printed parts, which the company claims will be photo-realistic, rivaling the resolution expected from a high-quality 2D color printer. According to Mcor co-founder and CEO Dr. Conor MacCormack, “The Mcor Iris produces sharp, vibrant prints; printing on to a pure white media produces better color authenticity and reproduction when compared with other color 3D technologies.”

 “We see color as an essential offering to our customers – we think in color so our 3D parts should be in color,” MacCormack added.

The company also cites ease-of-use and robust, smooth parts that require no post-processing as Iris attributes.

The Iris will open up a world of opportunity to engineering, education, AEC, GIS and entertainment. “Now full color 3D printing will be accessible to everyone with full 3D color needs,” said Dr MacCormack.

 The Mcor Iris will be available later this year with pricing to be released at a later date.


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