Stratasys Launches New 3D Printer
Todd Grimm posted on May 08, 2012 |

Mojo 3D printerStratasys has announced its latest effort: the Mojo 3D Printer, which comes in a complete system called a 3D Print Pack. At $9,990, the Mojo 3D Print Pack is the market’s lowest-priced business-class complete 3D printing system.

The Mojo 3D Print Pack includes everything needed to produce models, including material and a support-removal system. Like all 3D printers from Stratasys, Mojo uses the Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM) technology. In the U.S., Stratasys offers a leasing option with payments as low as $185 per month.

Mojo employs an innovative variation on traditional FDM material extrusion. The ABS material spool and print head are integrated in a single package called the QuickPack print engine. To ensure optimal reliability, a fresh print head is part of each material change. Material loading is similar to snapping in an inkjet cartridge on a paper printer.

A desktop 3D printer, Mojo measures only 25 inches wide x 21 inches deep x 18 inches tall. As with a paper printer, no training is needed to get it set up and running, and settings are selected at the host computer, not the printer itself.

Modeling operations are easy with Mojo’s preprocessing software, Print Wizard, which helps users efficiently manage workflow. Support material removal is also a simple process with the included WaveWash55. It is a self-contained, hands-free cleaning system, and it requires no plumbing.

After evaluating an early beta-test unit, Todd Grimm, president of T. A. Grimm & Associates, noted, “Stratasys is poised to shake up the market again with a complete professional system that breaks the $10,000 mark. It’s counter-intuitive to get a low-price product with high quality like this.”

“The name Mojo implies magic, which is how some describe 3D printing upon first witnessing it,” says Stratasys VP of Global Marketing Jon Cobb. “You can buy a less expensive 3D printer, but for the serious designer or engineer, Mojo is the lowest-priced product that offers professional-quality output, comes as a complete package system, and uses industrial-grade thermoplastic material.”


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