IREPA LASER Releases New Additive Manufacturing Solution
Todd Grimm posted on February 01, 2012 |

EasyCLAD Magic LF6000EasyCLAD MAGIC LF6000 is a new laser additive manufacturing solution designed by IREPA LASER, mainly for the construction of parts for aerospace and aircraft industry. Based on the CLAD process developed by the company, the systems can manufacture functional metal parts, tools or dies.

The CLAD process deposits successive layers of laser-melted powders to create metallic parts that are dense and homogeneous. Manufacturing possibilities include construction of functional parts and repair of complex parts with manufacturing speeds between 1.8 and 11.0 cubic inches/hour.

With its two CLAD nozzles, this 3D manufacturing machine features high dynamic performances with five continuous axes operating in a controlled-atmosphere, enclosed chamber. EasyCLAD MAGIC LF6000 has a 280 cubic inch volume that can produce parts up to 23.6 (diam.) inches X 39.4 inches, weighing as much as 660 pounds.

The system will be available in France, initially. At present, there are no plans to make it available in the U.S.


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