Reality Redesigned International Design Competition
Todd Grimm posted on December 13, 2011 |

Reality Redesign logoThe SME Education Foundation and industry sponsors introduce “Reality Redesigned,” a design contest with a reality show twist from the producers of The Edge Factor that offers students access to an international design competition.

Building on the success of its new HD series, The Edge Factor, producers and industry sponsors including the SME Education Foundation, are introducing “Reality Redesigned,” an international design competition. Up to $40,000 in prizes will be presented “live” at  the Society of Manufacturing Engineers' (SME) Rapid Conference, in Atlanta, Ga., April 2012.

“While young people are technologically very conversant, they have become increasingly less likely to pursue technology-based careers in manufacturing,” says Bart Aslin, “We believe we can reach them with The Edge Factor series and this exciting Reality Redesigned competition to make them more aware of its incredible career opportunities.”

The design competition will be based on the first season of The Edge Factor which closely follows the relationship between the mountain biking and manufacturing industry and their having teamed up with PinkBike, a giant in the MTB  world.

The series is going to feature the winning top designs as they go through the spectrum of what it takes to bring a new product to market. The “Mountain Biking,” design contest offers students an opportunity to design a part for a mountain bike and has three categories: frame, suspension and components.

Jeremy Bout, host and producer of The Edge Factor, will take viewers from coast to coast, introducing this season’s judges who include: Josh Coaplen, director research and development, Cane Creek Cycling; Dave Mee, support specialist, MTB rider, engineer, Zcorp; JoAnn Mitchell, senior project leader, Sandvik Coromant; Mike Montgomery, pro MTB rider; Dennis and DJ Paulson, owners, Straitline Precision; Marie Planchard, mechanical engineer, director, World Education, SolidWorks; Jeff Steber, founder, owner, president, Intense Cycles.

Reality Redesigned will begin accepting registrations on Monday, December 19, 2011. Submission deadline is February 28, 2012.

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