Helping Engineers to Do More with 3D Printing
Todd Grimm posted on January 09, 2012 |
How is different? We will report on the world of 3D printing in a practical and ...

Leveraging 3D PrintinWhen asked to take the lead as editor of’s 3D printing content, I thought long and hard about how to make it a worthwhile destination. With the constant chatter from tweets, blog posts, LinkedIn groups and the like, how would we be different?

The answer, and the focus of the 3D printing content, is to bring you practical and useable information. We will leave the unsubstantiated hype, “gee-whiz” pieces, sales pitches and foretelling of a world turned upside down to everyone else. We won’t ignore the topics of the day, but we will dig deeper to find facts and uncover the details you need.

Our goal is simple: help design engineers and manufacturing engineers to do more with and get more from 3D printing. We will attempt to inspire you to be innovative in processes and designs while maintaining a practical sensibility. 3D printing is an enabling technology; we will strive to help you leverage its advantages.

Oh, one other point. We will not be covering the low-end, consumer-grade 3D printers. My posts will be for the industrial, commercial and professional engineers. So, if you see a “maker” reference, rest assured that the post or article will tell the story through filter of what an engineer needs to know.

I look forward to bringing you great content through this blog, feature articles, and videos. I also look forward to your contributions — comments, story ideas and articles. Contact me at

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