Kudo3D Unveils New Titan 2 DLP SLA 3D Printer
Simon Martin posted on June 14, 2016 |
The Kickstarter-launched 3D printing company updates its popular Titan 1 3D printer with all-new usa...

Similar to the Titan 1, the Titan 2 also includes the patent-pending, bottom-up PSP technology created by the Kudo3D team. (Image courtesy of Kudo3D.)

Since successfully funding its DLP SLA Titan 1 3D printer to the tune of $687,116 on Kickstarter in 2014 (over $50,000 above its original goal of $637,000), the small team of engineers and designers at Kudo3D has been busy developing its next-generation Titan 3D printer for faster, taller and higher resolution DLP SLA 3D prints at an affordable price.

The recently announced Titan 2 3D printer takes everything that was great about the Titan 1 and adds an all-new plug-and-play functionality, a built-in Raspberry Pi, Wi-Fi connectivity, web-based control capabilities, an updated build platform and other considered features to make its signature 3D printing experience more user-friendly. The result is a polished professional-grade 3D printer that's ideal for education, engineering, design, gaming, research, jewelry and dental applications. 

Similar to the Titan 1, the Titan 2 also includes the patent-pending, bottom-up passive self-peeling (PSP) technology created by the Kudo3D team. Designed to minimize the separation force between the cured layers and the resin, the technology uses a flexible resin container consisting of six different materials that work together to aid in reducing the separation force. The result is a system that allows for models to be printed with features as fine as a strand of hair or as large as 10 in tall without affecting resolution or print speeds. 

With an external frame size of 16.1 in x 13.7 in x 33.6 in and a build volume of 7.5 in x 4.3 in x 9.8 in, the machine is an ideal size for most desktops and can be easily transported with a weight of just 30 lb.

While the actual printing technology and design of the printer have remained relatively unchanged, the updated usability features are certainly a welcome addition for those who may have been waiting for an update from the Kudo3D team.

Those interested in being the first to own a $3,288 Titan 2 can preorder a Starter Kit, which also includes materials to get the printer up and running right out of the box, starting June 8, 2016. The first round of shipments is expected to head out in early July.

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